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Pests To Look Out For Each Season

Pests To Look Out For Each Season

There are a few different types of insects you might see in your home, and each season will bring different pests, serving as a “peak time” for certain organisms. These peak times will vary depending on the region of the world you live in. For instance, if we’re talking about the Sunshine Coast of Australia, then we can say that between spring and summer is when most pests like to appear. Below, we list the different insects to appear per season.


Cockroaches make their appearance in spring, and will flourish during the hotter months of summer. Ants are also typically more active in the spring and summer seasons as these are their mating seasons, but they will still come out later in the year.


Apart from ants and cockroaches, mosquitoes like to hang out during the summer season, especially if there is water nearby (which they need for breeding). Summer is when mosquitoes start to appear and will increase in numbers as the hotter months of autumn arrive. Once winter hits, there won’t be any flying insects outside for them to feed on.


Ants are also more likely to appear in autumn, as cold fronts make their way around the Sunshine Coast. These ants will appear to scavenge for food, which you’ll see them carrying. They are typically not as dangerous as their summer counterparts. You will also be noticing spiders and crickets.


The quietest season for pests is winter; almost no insects are around. However, there are still bedbugs that crawl around, and they can survive without feeding during this time. Insects that become more active in colder temperatures are typically the ones you don’t want at your home, especially camel crickets and spiders. You’ll notice them coming inside to seek shelter during the months of autumn and winter where it becomes cold outside.

Pests That Are Active Through All Seasons

Watch out for three different pests which maintain a steady presence throughout the year:

  • Termites – Termite treatment is important any time of the year to protect your home from infestation and damage. While they do not typically flourish in the colder months, once it becomes summer again, that’s when they become more active.
  • Bees & Wasps – These pests are always on the lookout for food sources, so it’s important to keep your home free of garbage and food crumbs that attract these buzzing creatures. Wasp nests tend to be higher up in trees or bushes where there isn’t as much direct sunlight.
  • Bed Bugs – Bed bug treatment is important any time of the year to protect your home from infestation and damage. However, you will typically see them during times when it’s warmer out and they can come out and feed on their hosts (that would be you, me, and even our neighbours). Bed bugs may carry diseases, making them one of the most dangerous pests.

How Sunshine Coast Pest Control Differs By Season

During the summer months when there is a high presence of mosquitoes and other insects, an exterminator will typically use baits to kill the insects. These are designed to attract them while also containing ingredients that will kill them upon contact. During the winter months when pest control is more likely focused on termites and bed bugs, exterminators will typically use non-repellant chemicals for treatment. Call your nearest pest control companies and ask for Sunshine Coast pest control quotes before deciding on the right service for your property.

The bottom line is, it is important to be prepared at all times by using pest management strategies or hiring a professional pest control company. If you’re seeing any type of pest infestation, call a professional for help right away.

A Comprehensive Safety Checklist For Electric Gates

Electric Gates: Comprehensive Safety Checklist

If you are soon to have automatic gates installed at your home, safety is obviously a concern. We’ve all heard the horror stories of children getting caught up in electric gates and with that in mind, here are a few important safety aspects to consider when installing electric gates. 

  • Gate Running Mechanism – The electric motor is usually concealed underground, which protects the unit, while the gearing that operates the gates should have a protective covering. No one should be allowed to come close to this component.

  • Safety Systems In Place – The most common safety system on electric gates is one that uses two photocells, one at each end and an infrared beam is in place. If the beam is interrupted, the motor instantly stops. This ensures that the gate operation ceases if anything gets in the path and when the gates are installed, the technicians would demonstrate how to test the safety system. If, for example, you put your hand over one of the photocells, this should cause the motor to cease operation. By law, automated sliding driveway gates must incorporate safety systems.
  • Remote Control Unit – The remote unit should always be stored in a safe place and kept dry. Batteries need to be replaced periodically. In the event a remote unit stops working and you need to open or close the gates, don’t forget there is a manual method; you would have to remove the cotter pin, shut off the power and insert the crank handle that operates the gates.
  • Educate The Children – If you have kids, take the time to explain that they should never be near the gates when in operation, albeit the safety system ensures the gates do not move if an obstruction is detected.

  • Force Testing – Most electric gates have a force limiter; this stops the motor from working if excessive force is required, as there would be if the gates encountered an obstruction. The gate technician can force test to ensure that the system is working, which should be carried out every service interval. Imagine the sliding gate closing and you put a wooden block between the rail. When the gate comes into contact with the wooden block, resistance occurs and this should be enough to shut down the power. Otherwise, serious damage would occur within the motor.
  • Regular Servicing – The gates need to be serviced at specific intervals and the company that installed the gates would offer to service the unit. The typical commercial premises, for example, have people and vehicles coming and going throughout the day, which means the gate mechanism is always in use. Lubrication is just one aspect of gate maintenance, while internal motor lubrication must also be checked.

Whether residential or commercial, automated gates do require safety checks, which should be carried out by qualified technicians. If you are considering installing electric gates, search online for a leading custom gate company near you and they would be happy to send someone to meet you at your home or business premises.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Plumbing Maintenance

A plumbing system makes up about 15% of your home value. A smooth running plumbing system makes sure you have a constant supply of clean and fresh water keep your home and family clean. A well-maintained plumbing system ensures that you have access to clean water, which ensures you have good health. It is also a very convenient way of living and also increases water efficiency and promotes energy savings.

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is essential to keep clean water flowing. People generally do not think about the plumbing problem unless a bigger problem starts to arise. This leads to a huge mess and a larger bill. Plumbing problems are easily avoidable, and if any problem arises, it is much cheaper to stop the issue where it started. It can be as simple as stopping a leaky water tap. Leaks also affect pipes and water pressure, which can cause severe damage to your homes such as wood rot, moulds and pipe corrosion. A pipe freeze can lead to potential burst can lead to a flooded room. Water can easily destroy your expensive things such as carpets, wood decors, etc. We have gathered some tips to ensure that you know how to maintain your home plumbing system.

Daily maintenance tips

Clogged drains are a nuisance for everyone and one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners face. They are one of the main cause that shortens the lifespan of waste pipes as clogged drains put extra pressure and stress, causing the drain to block and eventually break. Some tips you can do to prevent blockage in your kitchen and bathroom are

Plumbing Maintenance

• Do not put food wastes down the drain such as banana peels, celery and other foods that are hard to grind.
• Keep cold water running for at least 15 seconds after using the disposal to ensure that the waste has made it all the way through.
• Reduce the use of bath oils and put a drain screen to catch all the oils that may go down the drain and causes a blockage.
• Avoid using chemical clog removers as they can corrode your pipes.

Weekly maintenance tips

Some of the most common places where leaks can occur in your home plumbing system include pipe valves, faucets, worn toilet flappers, loose pipe fittings, etc. These places need to be checked regularly to save your water bill. Weekly checking in these places is a great way for homeowners to detect any plumbing problems

• Check under the sink for any leaks or watermarks
• Test the sink and the shower for speedy drainage
• Turn off all the valves and make sure that faucets are not leaky
• Clean the lint traps of your washing machine.

Home Security Alarm : Why You Need to Install One

Home Security Alarm

So, is it essential for homeowners to install home security systems? The answer is definitely yes! If you’re going to spend (or already have) money (and assets) on a DIY home security system, it only makes sense for an experienced professional to monitor it as well.

If you skip this important step, many potential intruders won’t even care that an alarm is singing because they already know that they’ll get away with at least a few minutes of free time before the police show up. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to have an alarm installed.
Here is Why You Need to Install a Home Security Alarm

Use of Advanced Modern Technology

Unfortunately, when most people think of installing home security systems, they usually picture their burglar alarms. This is because it’s the “traditional” type, and also because most people feel more secure with them.
But don’t let your mind be tied only to that one type of system! Burglar alarms using wireless technology have been around for several years, and they’re quickly becoming even more advanced and useful than they’ve been in the past.

Home Security Alarm

A burglar alarm with a monitoring station can be set up on a mobile phone so that the owner doesn’t have to be right there in the house when it goes off-site. Most modern units can alert landlines as well, making it even easier to keep abreast of the situation. These days, most cell phones come equipped with caller ID that allows users to identify their calls and put a call through to a dedicated “hotline.”

Be Notified of Suspicious Activities

Of course, the benefits of using an alarm monitoring service extend beyond safety measures for your family. By having all of your contact information in one place, you can also make sure that you’re notified about any suspicious activities, such as late package deliveries or strange numbers appearing on your caller ID. Having a central station that monitors your home security system can mean that you’ll be alerted immediately if anything suspicious happens or if you hear a noise outside that shouldn’t be.

An Integrated System

A big advantage of an alarm monitoring service is the added security that it provides. Far too many homeowners underestimate the potential threat that an intruder can cause. By having a central station that can send signals to various locations, you can make sure that the police are alerted and that the authorities are on their way. By having an integrated system, you can respond to any of the signals that it sends.

Home Security Alarm

Emergency Assistance Services

Many companies offer emergency assistance services, including fire, smoke, or medical emergencies. If your home ever suffers a major disaster, such as a fire or a break-in, you can count on your security alarm companies to dispatch emergency crews quickly and efficiently to address the situation. In case of a medical emergency, you or your family member can get to the closest hospital as quickly as possible. Make sure to explore your options and choose a reputed company for these services.