Reasons Copper Is Such A Popular Metal

Copper is one of the few metals that can be found naturally in usable form, which is why this alluring metal was one of the first to be used by early civilisations, with evidence pointing to around 5000 BC. Copper has a very high level of electrical and heat conductivity and is used to make alloys with other metals. It is found in abundance around the world.

Easy To Recycle

Copper is very easy to recycle and this metal is found in many household items. As mining becomes more expensive, the recycling industry has been providing more and more of the raw metals that industry needs. If you have been doing some home renovation, take your old wiring to the copper wire recycling yard in Sydney, if you are located near the area. For those away from the city, it only takes a quick search online to find one near you. The effort will be worth it; you’ll receive top dollar for the copper. 

21st Century Recycling

The latest generation of recycling plants can process high volumes of scrap into molten metal, which is reshaped and sent to manufacturers. Copper piping and electrical wiring is widely collected by scrap metal dealers, who sort and separate all incoming scrap. Copper mining has been in place for centuries and as you would expect, the cost of recovering copper in ore form is getting higher, which is why recycling is so important.

High Conductivity

One of the reasons copper is so extensively used is its high electrical conductivity. Copper wiring transfers electricity along circuit boards, as well as power cables in the domestic home. Most household appliances contain copper and if you have a few electric devices that no long work, search online for a scrap copper dealer Sydney or your city uses. They would be happy to collect and pay you cash for taking it away to be recycled. 

Plumbers & Electricians

These two trades work with copper and they would keep all their scrap until they amass a few kilograms, then call their local scrap metal dealer to come and collect. Rewiring a house would leave you with a lot of copper wiring and the electrician knows how to easily strip off the plastic coating, leaving the bare copper. The dealer pays top prices for sorted copper, but is happy to receive old appliances and devices for a slightly lower price. The plumber would also come across a lot of scrap copper piping, which he would collect until a certain weight is reached, then he calls his scrap metal dealer to come and collect.

Typical Uses For Copper

Copper can be used in many ways, it can be flashing on a roof, or a canopy over a grill. Lots of kitchen utensils are made of copper, and electrical motors of all kinds will contain copper wiring. Industrial machinery uses copper to exchange heat and recycling really does provide a lot of the raw copper that industry needs.

If you haven’t had a clean-up around your home for a while, there is likely to be some scrap metal that you could sell. Check out your local scrap metal dealer’s website to find out what they accept and what they do not.

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