Some Tips To Help You Recycle Your Aluminium & Other Metals

If we are to live our lives normally, then we need to have access to metals all the time. Metals are incredibly essential in today’s modern world and they can be used in many different ways. They can be used in an industrial capacity like building aeroplanes, cars and trucks. We also use metal to create the many appliances that we have around our homes and even for the cutlery that we use to eat our food.

The excellent news about recycling different kinds of metal is that they can be recycled again and again for different uses much further down the line. Two of the most popular recyclable metals that we currently have are aluminium and steel. There are other metals like silver, copper and gold, but it is rare to see these types of things being discarded and so we don’t get very many opportunities to collect them for recycling.

When it comes to recycling important metals you can rely on companies offering scrap metal pickup service Sydney wide, or find a scrapyard near your location. Their recycling procedure is much more sophisticated than how we recycle other daily items, but it is still important to know and understand about metals because this will help in the recycling process and allow you to live in a healthier environment. The following are just some of the steps that take place when recycling.

The Collection

This is the most important step of recycling and so you should set up containers that allow you to separate out different kinds of metals like aluminium and steel. If you just throw everything into one container, it makes the whole process a lot more difficult when you take the container to the scrap yard and you will be paid less because more time is used.

The Sorting

The metals need to be separated so that we can figure out what can be recycled and what cannot. The key here is to make sure that any product is at least 50% metal. Many scrap metal recycling centres use modern technology to identify metals and so this makes the whole sorting procedure a lot easier all round.

Processing & Shredding

The metal items are then compacted together so that they are taking up less space and then the shredding procedure takes place. The metals are all broken down into smaller pieces to allow them to be processed, as this makes it easier to melt them and high temperatures are not necessarily required.

These three important procedures take place before the melting and purification process can happen. Once that occurs, the metals are put into a specialised cooling chamber and then they are solidified there. This leaves us with a solid piece of metal that is much easier to handle and transport, and it can then be used again and again. These metal bars are then transported to the end users so that new and exciting things can be made again.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the recycling process when it comes to scrap metal.

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