Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Luxury Home

If you and your partner have managed to educate the children, who now have families of their own, and your last mortgage payment is coming up, now is the perfect time to look at luxury homes in southern Europe. You can either sell your home, or rent it out while you are living in a sunny climate. When looking at luxury properties, it is wise to approach a reputable real estate agent that covers your preferred area, as they would have the best properties on their books.

Here are a few good reasons to use a real estate agent when looking for a luxury home.

Free Service

For the buyer, real estate services are free; the agency receives a pre-agreed commission from the seller, so everything they do for you is on a no-fee basis. If you were thinking to look in local newspapers for luxury properties, you’ll probably be disappointed, as all sellers list their homes with leading real estate agents. It isn’t very often that you find a service that is totally free and that’s what you get when you are using a real estate agent as a buyer.

The Best Properties

The great thing about the real estate agent is they have so many properties on their books; from inexpensive studio flats to detached luxury mansions, they have properties to suit all budgets. Once the agent knows your budget and requirements, they look through their extensive database and bring up properties that meet with your criteria. Feel free to first check out the La Cala de Mijas luxury real estate listed with an award-winning agency.

They Have The Connections

Unless you are paying in cash, you will need a home loan and the real estate agent has working relationships with many real estate lenders. If you need an English-speaking lawyer to act on your behalf, they can recommend a reputable law firm. In short, the real estate agent can facilitate a property purchase, making the process smooth and uneventful. The fact that they have been in the community for many years means that they have connections with all of the local businesses, so if you need any kind of service, they can put you in touch with a provider.


The real estate agent enjoys success if they make all of their clients happy and although the buyer is not technically a paying customer, their needs are put at the top of the agent’s priority list. Nothing is too much trouble and because they are established in the area, they have connections with builders for repair, security companies, lawyers and lenders.

One Stop Solution

If you are looking for a luxury apartment or villa in sunny Spain, the real estate agent is a one-stop solution that ends with you being handed the keys to your luxury home.

Luxury property owners tend to deal with the best real estate agent when looking to sell, which is yet another reason that you should check out the top real estate agent that covers your desired location, and see what properties they have listed.

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