The 4 Easiest Ways To Fill In Your Lawn

If you’re like most home or property owners, then you want your lawn to be green and lush. However, maintaining a healthy lawn can be difficult and time-consuming. When your lawn is looking a little sparse, you may be tempted to run out and buy some grass seeds. However, there are a few easier ways to fill in your lawn that don’t require any seed at all. Let’s explore some of the easiest methods for filling in your lawn.

1. Plant trees.

You may think that planting trees is not the easiest option, but there are some good reasons it should be your first choice. The best part about this option is that you can plant virtually any type of tree in your lawn. If you want a decorative lawn, you could go with decorative varieties like Cherry Blossom or Dogwood. However, if you want a thicker lawn, planting trees like pines or oaks is the smartest choice. Trees will grow quickly and protect your property from harsh weather conditions in a way that no decorative grass seed can match.

2. Install a decorative water feature in your garden.

Believe it or not, decorative water features can be an extremely easy way to fill in your lawn, and they can even look good with Ipswich paving slabs or the ones you can find in your nearby supplier. You can choose decorative rocks, decorative stones, decorative pebbles or decorative gravel instead of decorative grass seed. If you are planting trees to fill in your lawn, consider adding a decorative water feature that coordinates with the colours in your garden instead.

3. Add a sprinkler system to your lawn.

Although sprinkler systems are great for decorative lawns, installing an irrigation system can improve your everyday lawn as well. Irrigation systems do more than just water the grass; they also deliver nutrients, which will allow your grass to grow faster and healthier. They’re even better at filling in bare patches, so consider adding one if you have trouble growing grass in your lawn.

4. Add decorative ground cover plants.

They are especially helpful for the shady parts of your yard. Although seed may be cheaper than decorative ground cover plants, decorative ground covers are much easier to maintain. Decorative ground covers can also withstand extreme weather conditions that would kill off grass seed. You should opt for decorative ground covers like pachysandra and ivy, which will protect your lawn from unfavorable weather without compromising on aesthetics.

Filling in your lawn can be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one, and there are high quality decorative aggregates Colchester or your city supplier can offer. If you have the time and money to spend on decorative grass seed, go for that option. However, decorative grass seed is expensive and not very easy to maintain. If you don’t want to spend money or effort on filling in your lawn, there are other, easier options available.

Decorative ground cover plants are extremely easy to maintain and they can withstand extreme weather conditions. On top of that decorative ground covers are much cheaper than decorative grass seed. You could also consider adding a sprinkler system, decorative water feature or decorative rocks instead of decorative grass seed. Keep reading to learn more about each option.

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