Reasons Residential Fencing Is Importance

You might be thinking of taking that foreign job offer and selling your home, or you just feel like a revamp is in order; either way, the fencing around your property is an important component. Take home security, in these uncertain times; having a visual security barrier is a great deterrent and with the right type of fencing, you can boost the kerb appeal of your home.

Marking Your Property Boundaries

When your property is fully fenced, the land boundaries can never be in dispute. Not having a fence could result in losing land, when your neighbour puts up a fence that slightly encroaches upon your perimeters. There are no border disputes when you erect a rustic fence around your perimeters, not to mention the additional security that fencing offers. Take a trip to the Ipswich fencing supplies depot and choose the perfect fencing, while also ordering posts, fixtures and fittings, everything you need to complete the project. For those outside the UK, a quick search through Google should lead you to a depot near your location. 

Garden Privacy

When you install a closeboard timber fence around your property, no one can see what you are doing and let’s face it, there’s no law to stop you from sunbathing on your own property. No one likes to have spectators when resting and relaxing on your terrace and you can save a lot if you buy the fence panels and posts online and do the job yourself.

Garden Wind Protection

A timber fence will protect your garden from high winds, which can be annoying when you are enjoying the afternoon sunshine. Next door’s garden furniture won’t get past the fence and that can cause a lot of damage.

Keep The Local Wildlife Out

A 2m timber fence around your property will certainly deter a lot of the wildlife and if you have a pet, the fence will stop them from straying off and getting lost. If you’re worried about cost, why not go down the DIY road and order the supplies from an Ipswich decking merchants, or to your local supplier, who will deliver to your door for free.

Wide Range Of Fencing Designs

Check out the online building supplies merchant to view their complete range of fencing solutions. You might prefer a lap fence or closeboard design, or perhaps oak lattice. The choices are many and you can order the posts and fixings from the same online supplier, plus you pay trade prices, which saves you around 15%.

Boost Home Security

With new fencing and gating, any would-be intruder is receiving the right message, which is essential during these troubled times. You could further protect your home by installing an electric entrance gate, although we don’t recommend you install that yourself.

If your fencing is old and you don’t fancy repainting, why not cost out the project using new timber fence panels, while keeping the existing posts. This would be cheaper and a lot easier than putting up a new post and with the right preservative, your new fencing will stand the test of time.

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