The Importance Of Proper Guttering

You probably don’t think too much about your gutters, unless they start to overflow or clog. However, proper guttering is an important part of your home’s exterior that should not be ignored.

Guttering performs a critical role when heavy rain arrives; a carefully located channel sits along the bottom of the roof line to provide an escape route for rainwater. If the guttering is poorly designed, this will result in pools of water in the garden. When designing the roof, you have to imagine a torrential downpour for several hours and the guttering should be able to accommodate that volume of water.

Wide Channel Guttering

Simply put, wide and shallow stainless steel is the most effective design to remove a lot of water, which is also difficult to block. On the other hand, a deep and narrow guttering is prone to blockages and if you have this kind of guttering, a Google search would help you have an idea on where to buy gutter components online and order the components you need.

Running Water

This is a worst-case scenario when water overflowing from the guttering runs down the exterior walls, which causes a lot of damage, especially over a long period of time. Guttering is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a home, but it is extremely important for protecting your property from water damage. By taking precautions in advance, you can save a lot of work and expense.

Regular Maintenance

Guttering needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis; an annual roof inspection by a local roofer would include cleaning out the guttering and rinsing the downpipes. This ensures that should there be any roofing issues, they can be repaired promptly, before too much damage results. The roofing contractor would issue you with a detailed written account of the status of your roof.

Aesthetic Value

A stainless-steel guttering system looks very attractive, or you could choose a contrasting colour to highlight the roof. Rather than trying to hide guttering, make it a feature and add some kerb appeal to your home. If you buy the components online from a local builder’s merchant and self-install, you can save a significant amount, as labour costs are very high today. The range of PVC colours is indeed wide, giving you the opportunity to create an attractive feature that requires no maintenance.

PVC Guttering

Many homeowners have made the switch to PVC guttering, as it does not erode and requires no painting, simply a clean out now and then. A power wash is all it takes to keep PVC guttering in good shape. Of course, you need to affix brackets at regular intervals; everything you need can be obtained from a single supplier and using the right components is a fix and forget solution.

If you have neglected your roof for a few years, now is the perfect time to have the roof inspected by a local roofer, who can also check out the condition of your guttering. If it turns out that your guttering has seen better days, rather than a repair job, it might be better to replace the entire system to protect the house.

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