This book is a marvelous resource for green graphic designers. Thank you for writing this easy to understand, informative book. I have always thought about the end result before designing, but you’ve taught me new ways of seeing how design more efficiently.


Thank you for the book. It is excellent read and really changed my way of thing in design as well as my day to life. I really want to pursue more environmentally friendly design and solutions. Thanks again


Great book! Green Graphic Design is one of the first books on the subject that motivated me into getting my design company to only do “green”, instead of as an option. Very informative and full of great advice—and sustainable principles—one can start putting into practice right away! Thanks for this great contribution.


Un libro fantástico, inspiracional. Felicidades por este gran trabajo. Me encantó.


I just read a great review of the book on anAustralian design site and now I want to buy this book. As a young designer, i’m worried about how much of the print design I do will might harm the environment!


I can’t wait to hear you speak at Hallmark!
I am certainly looking forward to it!


This book gives amazingly clear and compelling instruction on the how and why of sustainable design. As one of thethree trees don’t make a forest set up here in the UK we are pushing it strongly to all our members (telling them to convert the weights and measures!). UK designers are slowly beginning to wake up but we have a long way to go- as you will know. Brian – please come over to the UK to talk to us? I curate an event calledgreengaged and we are organising things for 09 in the UK and in Beijing that I would love you to help shift the apathy!


Great book. I’m recommending it to all graphic designers, printers and paper reps. It’s a must read!


I am a book publishing grad student at Portland State, currently working on a Sustainability Initiative for the program — our goal is to become the country’s first sustainable student-run press. I got a copy of this book a week ago and it comes with me everywhere I go. A very useful resource for the design and production side of green book publishing. Thank you!


I worked with Brian and Celery and have experienced first hand his expertise as we developed our sustainability report and he was a true partner in its design. His book will be a fantastic tool for designers and let the community draw upon his decade of experience in this space.


This book is a one stop shop. I had not heard about the new Pantone Goe book (omits pms spot colors high in metal)and cannot wait to make it part of our branding standards. I’m still making my way through the book and noted the term “Hybrid publishing” used. There’s no wiki page on this and I’m curious if this term is common? (since I’m throwing it around already). Very excited about your work!


Great preview! I’m teaching a course starting this month called ‘design for sustainability’ at Langara and I have been eagerly anticipating your book as it looks like a great resource (there aren’t many current books on this subject). After hearing you speak at Practivism in Vancouver, I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. Love the sustainability scorecard. keep up the good work!


From the sneak peek I got looking at the online book, I think this is a “must read” for all types of communicators, not just designers. Can’t wait to see the complete book.


Had a chance to flip through using the “view the book online”… Very thoughtful analysis of a complex problem and showcases some innovative products/solutions. Looking forward to picking up a copy. Nice work, Celery!


Great Site!
Can’t wait to get a signed copy of the book!